Privacy Policy
Korea International Trade Association (henceforth KITA) has established·published the following privacy policy in order to protect the collected personal information and to promptly manage issues arising from it in accordance with Article 30 of Personal Information Protection Act
Article 1 Use of Personal Information
KITA processes personal information for following reasons mentioned below. Personal information shall not be used for any other purposes other than those stated in this article. We shall request for a consent from the user, in accordance with Article 18 of Personal Information Protection Act, should there be any changes in the use of the personal information.
  • 1. Subscription and management of homepage members Personal information is used for: membership sign-up confirmation, identification·verification, maintenance·management of membership requirement in accordance with provided membership service. And for identification, prevention of illegal use of services, various notifications·newsletters, and complaint handling.
  • 2. Provision of goods or services Personal information is used to: deliver goods, provide services, send contract·invoices, provide contents and customized services, identification, and settlement of fees.
  • 3. Protection of personal information of children under 14 years old KITA site only accepts members who are over 19 years old. The membership of children under the age of 14 is restricted in order to protect personal information of the childreen and to conform to the purpose of providing the service.
Article 2 Processing and Storage of Personal Information
  • KITA processes·stores personal information collected in accordance with relevant legislation or within the usage·storage period agreed by the principal
  • Processing·storage of personal information is as follows:
    • 1. Subscription and management of membership : Until withdrawal of membership However, it shall be extended if the reason falls under the following category.
      • 1) Until the end of investigation if the investigation is under progress due to violation of relevant legislation.
      • 2) Until the settlement is made if there is a creditor·debtor relationship from using the homepage.
    • 2. Provision of goods or services : Until supply of goods·services is complete and settlement of fees are made. However, it shall be extended if the reason falls under the following category.
      • 1) Records related to transactions of signs·adverts, content and performance of contract according to 「Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions」- Records on signs·adverts : 6 months- Records on contracts or withdrawal from subscription, payments, supplies of goods etc. : 5 years- Records on consumer complaints or dispute mediation : 3 years
      • 2) Storage of communication records in accordance with Article 41 of 「Communication Privacy Act」- Date and time of telecommunication by subscriber, start·end time, recipient’s directory number, Use frequency, transmission station tracking data : 1 year- Computer communication, internet log data, connection area tracking data : 3 months
Article 3 Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
  • KITA shall only process personal information of the principal within the scopes of Article 1 Use of Personal Information. Personal information will be provided to a third party only with the consent of the principal or if it is relevant to Article 17 of Personal Protection Act, or other applicable legislation.
  • KITA provides personal information to a third party as follows:
    Recipient Provided Purpose of use Period
    Amazingsoft ID, Cookie, Web log data Weblog analysis Duration of contract
    SDCIT ID, Name, email, Job, Workplace / School name, Address, Phone/Fax number Weblog analysis Duration of contract
Article 4 Rights of Principals of Personal Information
  • The principal of personal information has the right to exercise the following stated below at any time to KITA.
    • 1. Right to view personal information
    • 2. Right to request correction should there be an error
    • 3. Right to request deletion
    • 4. Right to request stop processing
  • The exercise of above-mentioned rights can be done in writing, email, or fax using Form No. 8 in the annex of Personal information Protection Act Enforcement Regulation. KITA will respond to the request promptly.
  • KITA will not use nor provide personal information in question until correction or deletion is complete if principal of personal information requests a correction or deletion of personal information.
Article 5 Personal Information Processed
KTIA processes the following personal information.
  • 1. Subscription and management of homepage members
    • - Mandatory : Name, Date of birth, ID, Password, Address, Telephone, Email Address
    • - Optional : Marriage, Interested field
  • 2. Provision of goods or services
    • - Mandatory : Name, Date of birth, ID, Password, Address, Telephone, Email Address
    • - Optional : Interested field, Past purchase record
  • 3. The following information may automatically be collected while using the internet service
    • - IP address, Cookie, MAC address, Service use history, Visit history, faulty-use history etc.
Article 6 Disposal of Personal Information
  • KITA will delete the personal information without hesitance if personal information becomes unnecessary due to expiry of storage period, withdrawal of membership, and if it met its purpose, etc.
  • The personal information shall be transferred to a separate database(DB) or to another storage room if personal information needs to be preserved in accordance with relevant legislation even though the storage period agreed with the principal expires or it meets the purpose.
  • The procedure and method of deletion of personal information is as follows:
    • 1. Deletion procedure KITA selects personal information that needs to be deleted and obtains an approval from the privacy policy officer in order to delete personal information.
    • 2. Deletion method KITA deletes personal information saved in electronic form to unrecoverable state, and personal information recorded on paper is shredded with a shredder or incinerated.
Article 7 Security Enhancement for Personal Information
KITA has taken following measures in enhance the security and safety of personal information.
  • 1. Managerial : Establish·Perform internal management plans, Regular employee education etc.
  • 2. Technical : Access authority management for personal information system, Installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security programs
  • 3. Physical : Access control for computer room, data storage room
Article 8 Personal Information Protection Officer
  • KITA
    KITA has appointed the following personnel to overseer the personal information processing, handle complaints, and to provide relief to principals of collected information.
    • · Privacy Policy
      • - Name : Lee, Knag Il
      • - Position : Director, IT Service Team
    • · Privacy Policy Manager
      • - Name : Kim, Jun Hyoung
      • - Position : Manager, IT Service Team
  • The principal of collected information can inquire privacy policy officer/manager or the department should you have any issues regarding personal information protection such as complaints and relief while using services provided by KITA(or project). Our personnel shall kindly respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.
Article 9 Relief for infringement of rights
The principal can inquire or request the institution below for consultation regarding infringement of personal information, relief for damages, etc. < Below-mentioned institution is an entity separate from KITA. Please contact the institution if you are not satisfied with KITA’s complaint handling, damage relief or should you need more help>
  • · Personal Information Infringement Report Center (Operated by KISA)
    • - Tasks : Personal information infringement report, and consulting
    • - Homepage :
    • - Tel. : (Without Area Code) 118
    • - Address : (138-950) Seoul, Songpa-gu, Jungdae-ro, 135 Korea Internet & Security Agency, Personal Information Infringement Report Center
  • · Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (Operated by KISA)
    • - Tasks : Application of personal information dispute mediation, Mediation of collective disputes (Civil resolution)
    • - Homepage :
    • - Tel. : (Without Area Code) 118
    • - Address : (138-950) Seoul, Songpa-gu, Jungdae-ro, 135 Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)) Private Information Infringement Report Center
  • · Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Cybercrime Investigation Division: 02-3480-3573 (
  • · National Police Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center : 1566-0112 (
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