Core Business


KITA is the largest business organization in Korea with over 73,000 member companies.

Trade Information
KITA provides its member companies with a wide range of trade-related information from international trade statistics to market information by country and region.
Customized Trade Consulting
KITA offers professional consulting services for various trade issues including customs clearance, contracts, patents, and dispute settlements.
Financial Aid for Traders
KITA provides assistance to its member companies to help them alleviate their financial concerns.
Support for Service Industry & Emerging Industry
KITA strives to foster the domestic service industry and newly emerging industries.
Institute for International Trade(IIT)
KITA's IIT conducts in-depth research on the latest trends on domestic & global trade publishes reports on ongoing trade issues in overseas markets. It regularly publishes reports on ongoing trade issues in overseas markets.
Center for Trade Studies and Cooperation
KITA's Center for Trade Studies and Cooperation responds to trade-related issues by conducting research, providing consultation, and proposing policy recommendations to government.
One-Stop Trade Services
KITA offers comprehensive trade services through, which allows users to conveniently access global trade information and events on various categories.
Identification of Non-Tariff Barrier-related Cases and DB building
KITA collects information on non-tariff barrier-related cases from its trade partners and analyzes them to effectively address relevant issues.
Trade Diplomacy and Economic Cooperation
KITA dispatches business delegations worldwide and runs business councils with the US, China, Japan, and EU.
Intergovernmental Communication Channels
KITA maintains communication channels for intergovernmental cooperation through trade diplomacy.
Building Global Network
KITA assists Korean companies in entering overseas markets by establishing global trade networks with public and private sector organizations around the world.
Educational Program for Future Trade Experts
KITA’s Korea Trade Academy(KTA) trains competent and qualified individuals who can fulfill important roles as trade experts on the global stage.
Global Training Program
KITA shares Korea's know-how and experiences behind its trade-driven economic growth by inviting foreign government officials via its Global Training Programs.
Support for Job Seekers
KITA offers career-focused programs related to trade, IT services, and overseas markets. KITA Jobs & Employment Center(Job Together) supports job seekers and companies to match their employment needs.
Industry Academia Partnerships
KITA and the Korea Sanhak Foundation collaborate to promote cooperation among Korean industries, universities and workforce. (B2B platform) offers business matching services, connecting global buyers with Korean sellers. boasts annual results of 13,000 business matching and contracts worth 50 million USD.
Kmall24 (B2C platform)
Kmall24 is an online shopping platform that introduces unique Korean brands and products to the world. It hosts more than 35,000 authentic Korean goods and is making a headway into the global consumer goods market.
Business Meetings and Exhibitions
KITA joins international expos and takes part in organizing the Korean exhibition pavilion. KITA also hosts international events at COEX, such as the sports industry show SPOEX and the World IT Show, inviting international buyers from around the world.