KITA's Global e-Marketplace,! is a truly international e-Marketplace where global buyers and suppliers conduct their e-businesses.
You can access a massive amount of information and trade with our over 73,000 KITA members and non-member domestic companies by using our extensive & detailed database with user-friendly company & product categories. Overseas companies can sell products and pioneer new markets in Korea.

KITA(Korea International Trade Association), which has developed, is public-private organization established in 1946, currently with over 73,000 member companies. As a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures, KITA supports SMEs to find new customers and secures a wide range of business connections through database.

On, companies can sell and purchase products on the multifunctional minisite, send inquiries & offers, and meet potential business partners through our database. aims to be the most reliable online platform for Korean trading companies and overseas buyers. Enjoy the top-quality trade services of, and explore new business opportunities.
[ provides various services for you to achieve successful transactions.]
  • We provide reliable information about Korean companies and products.
    • maintains a certified and reliable database of companies, including more than 70,000 KITA member and non-member companies.
    • < Global Business Matching Service >
    • < Online Exhibitions >
    We provide GBMS, a direct matching service for Sellers and Buyers. (Apply for GBMS)
    • Our Global Business Matching Service (GBMS) is a service in which Buyers are directly matched with their desired products through the database of companies maintained by tradeKorea. (Provided for free)
    • It is an on/offline direct matching service provided by trade experts.
    • It helps you find reliable trade partners in Korea.
    • It provides a business consulting service for the entire trade process with Korean companies.
    • < Online Exhibitions > Online Exhibition will be available.
    • The Online Exhibition will be available for different themes, and will satisfy both Buyers and Sellers
    • The Online Exhibition is a service that supports Korean companies’ exports and helps overseas buyers to easily find products from Korean companies
  • We provide interesting products and the latest trade news to all members/non-members. (Provided for free)
    • tradeAlert provides information on your areas of interest. (See Details)
      • -Once you register your categories of interest for products or Buying Leads, you will receive a tradeAlert by e-mail whenever there is new information in the relevant category.
    • tradeAlertWe provide a Newsletter service, providing the latest trade trends, events, and news. (Apply for Newsletter)
      • -The newsletter provides information about trade trends in Korea, events, and news.
  • We provide a service that allows both Sellers and Buyers to engage in safe transactions.
    • selects and assigns marks to trusted companies. (See Details)
      • -We assign Gold Plus Trader marks to members in the top 1% of the activity index.
      • -We assign Gold Trader marks to members in the top 5% of the activity index.
      • -We assign marks to companies that are members of KITA (Korea International Trade Association), Korea’s representative trade association.
      • -We assign marks to member companies registered with KITA ePay, a secure online e-payment service.
      • -We assign marks to companies that have previously registered (or are still registered) in the Online Exhibition operated by
      • -We assign marks to member companies that have a DUNS Number, which can be used to check company credit information for safe transactions.
      • -We assign Fast Response marks to member companies that provide timely responses(within 48 hours) to Inquiries.
    • The Service Team reduces risk by managing a Blacklist of companies that have engaged in unsafe transactions with members.
    • < e-payment Service>
    • < Minisite>
    We provide online e-payment services. (* In order to sell products online, you must register with KITA ePay.) (Apply for KITA ePay)
    • We provide a service in which sales and purchases can be immediately arranged online through the KITA ePay service.
    • Both Sellers and Buyers can use a secure online payment service. (Shipments, completions, and refunds can be checked.)
    • We provide a service in which a Price Offer can be made to a specific buyer.
      • -We provide a service that allows you to arrange online payments for a specific Buyer after finalizing a Deal with that Buyer.
    • < Minisite>
    We provide Minisites to promote your company. (Provided for free)
    • Minisites are provided for companies that have products to promote individually.
    • Different themed designs for Minisites are provided for free.
    • Product management features are provided for convenient product promotion.
    • Various methods of management tools are provided, including banner displays and product displays.
    • Bulletins for posting company events and news are provided.
  • We provide C/Ls (Circular Letters) for product offer and promotion.
    • Different types of Circular Letter designs are provided.
    • You can make Circular Letters designed for each product and Buyer.
  • A two-way Inquiry feature is available.
    • Unlike a one-time Inquiry, the two-way Inquiry feature is provided for parties to communicate back and forth.
    • The feature is easy and convenient to use, functioning like an e-mail.
    • A history feature is provided for checking the content of Inquiry communications.
    • A Premium Inquiry is intensively managed by the Matching Team to enable safe transactions between Sellers and Buyers.
  • We give Credits according to members’ activity index. (See Details)
    • gives Credits according to members’ activity index.
      • -Sellers can gain Credits as follows. :
        Credits can be earned by entering company information, registering a selling product, modifying product information, receiving an Inquiry, registering a Selling Offer & a video, registering a Fast Response, and completing a transaction (by ePay service as well), applying for KITA ePay service.
      • -Buyers can gain Credits as follows. :
        Credits can be earned by registering company information, registering Buying Leads, receiving Selling Offers, Sending Inquiries, registering a Fast Response, and completing a transaction (by ePay service as well).
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