KITA’s Profile
105 pioneering traders launched KITA on July 31, 1946, and since its founding, the organization laid the foundation for economic growth by setting policy directions in trade, as well as developing the national trade infrastructure.
Our Goal
KITA's goal is to contribute to the development of the national economy as a private economic organization through advocacy of the Korean trade industry's rights and interests, and thereby facilitating global trade.
Key Objectives
  • Propose suggestions and related policy improvements to the government for protecting the rights and interests of its member companies.
  • Develop new foreign markets and enhance private sector trade.
  • Organize world-class exhibitions.
  • Foster global trade professionals.
  • Conduct investigations and studies for increasing national competitiveness.
  • Establish e-trade infrastructure and expand user base.
Looking Ahead
Since Korea's trade volume reached 1 billion dollars in 1967, the country has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past few decades, becoming the ninth country in the world in 2011 to attain a trillion-dollar trade volume. This signifies a new opportunity for Korea to raise its status in the global economic arena. To create a new paradigm fit for this new chapter in trade, KITA will make its utmost effort to lay the groundwork for future trade through maximizing Korea's status as an FTA hub, bolstering growth and strengthening support for the Korean trade industry.
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