Core Business
Trade Policy Recommendation & Trade Consulting
Resolution of trade-related issues and improvement of global trade environment
KITA conducts various research on trade development and strategies and provides members with consulting services for trade-related issues.
Customized trade consulting
Professional consulting services are available for different areas in trade, including customs clearance, contracts, patents and dispute settlements
Export/import financial aid services
KITA provides assistance to members to help alleviate financial concerns.
Service industry and emerging industry support
KITA strives to actively support the domestic service industry and emerging industries.
Overseas Market & Trade Information
In-depth research on trade, economy and FTAs
KITA analyzes the latest trends in domestic and global trade and provides Korean companies withup-to-date information on key trade topics.
Overseas market reports
KITA regularly publishes reports on ongoing trade issues in overseas markets.
One-stop trade services
KITA offers comprehensive trade services through, which allows users to conveniently access global trade information on various categories.
Domestic and foreign trade information via new media
KITA utilizes new media platforms such as SNS, multimedia channels, news, magazines and SMS services to distribute trade information.
Trade Diplomacy & Private Sector Cooperation
Trade diplomacy, policy research and support
KITA dispatches trade delegations to many regions worldwide, including the U.S. and EU, and offers trade policy research and support.
Intergovernmental communication channels
KITA continuously enhances communication channels for intergovernmental cooperation through trade diplomacy.
Identification of non-tariff barrier-related cases and DB building
KITA collects information on non-tariff barrier-related cases from its trade partners and analyzes them to effectively address relevant issues.
Global private sector cooperation network
KITA assists Korean companies in entering overseas markets by establishing global trade networks between private sectors.
Training Programs & Research
HR system advancement and improvement
KITA develops and recommends policies to further advance and improve HR systems.
Employment support for job seekers
KITA aids in the employment of job seekers of all ages and backgrounds.
Education and training for overseas operations
KITA educates future leaders through training courses including Korea’s experience and expertise in economic development and growth.
Programs for next-generation trade experts
KITA fosters competent and qualified individuals who will fulfill important roles as trade experts on the global stage.
Industrial and academic cooperation
KITA and the Korea Sanhak Foundation collaboratively promote cooperation between Korean industries,universities and labor force.
Buyer-Seller Business Matching
Global buyer-seller matching services via B2C and new media
KITA offers a new paradigm of global buyer-seller matching by utilizing B2C and new media.
Global business platform,
KITA operates, an online marketplace for Korean companies to showcase their latest products and provide potential buyers with product information.
Online buyer matching services offers business matching services for users to find information on reliable Korean suppliers.
Business meetings and exhibitions
KITA organizes overseas Korean product exhibitions to facilitate trade with global buyers and arranges meetings between Korean companies and foreign buyers or organizations to maximize opportunities for global business.
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