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Samsung rolls out world’s first 512GB flash storage for next-gen mobile devices

By Hwang Hyung-gyu and Minu Kim

Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of the industry’s first 512-gigabyte (GB) embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution for use in next-generation mobile devices, setting a new threshold for mobile storage to handle ever-increasing amounts of multimedia content.

Utilizing Samsung’s latest 64-layer 512-gigabit V-NAND chips, the new 512GB eUFS package provides unparalleled storage capacity and outstanding performance for upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Samsung created the UFS market in Jan. 2015 when it began commercial production of 128GB eUFS for smartphones and has since continued expanding its lineup and doubled the density of its previous 48-layer V-NAND-based 256GB eUFS in 21 months last month.

The new 512GB eUFS enables transferring a 5GB-equivalent full HD video clip to an SSD in about six seconds, over eight times faster than a typical microSD card. It also features strong read and write performance with a 400-times faster writing speed than a microSD card (100 IOPS) to ensure fast and easy handling of file search, video download and other complex tasks in the dual screen without buffering, the company said.

Samsung will fast increase the output of the new embedded storage to meet the growing needs for advanced mobile memory and SSD chips, contributing to timely launches of next-generation mobile devices by mobile manufacturers around the world, a company official said.

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