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Samsung Electronics showcases Tizen RT operating system for IoT devices

By Sohn Jae-gwon

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled Linux-based operating system dubbed Tizen RT (real-time) customized for computing home electronics from high-end TVs to light bulbs.

The South Korean tech giant held Tizen Developer Conference 2017 in San Francisco, the United States on May 16-17 (local time) and showcased the Tizen RT platform, a lightweight version of its proprietary operating system Tizen along with its other latest technologies to software developers, device manufactures and other partners using Tizen.

The unveiling of Tizen RT is a part of the company’s aim to stay ahead in the competition in operating Internet of Things (IoTs). There is no leading player in the OS for wearables and large electronics hardware whereas Apple and Google dominate the mobile platform.

Tizen RT is a lightweight version of Tizen operating system that the company uses in its advanced electronics like TV, smartphone and wearable devices.

Android and iOS have been proven excellent to power mobile devices but are not suitable for IoT devices that require high-performance and versatility to operate from TVs to wearable gadgets, said Hyogun Lee, Samsung Electronics’s executive vice president during his keynote speech at the conference.

The company has developed Tizen to specifically meet IoT’s characteristics like low-electric power usage and high-performance, said Lee.

At the conference, Samsung Electronics also unveiled the ARTIK 053 module, an IoT solution for home appliances, healthcare devices and other smart electronics integrated with Tizen RT. The company plans to fit Tizen in all its electronics products except for smarpthones and mobile devices.

The Samsung Z4, Tizen-based smartphone was also introduced at the conference. The Z4 smartphone is equipped with 5 million-pixel front- and rear-end cameras, and dual-light emitting diode (LED) lights that can be used as flashlights.

The company also exhibited other Tizen-based electronics like its premium quantum dot-based QLED TV and Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator to demonstrate the smart home system based on its IoT technology.

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