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SK Telecom successfully demonstrates intercontinental 5G trial network

By Lim Sung-hyun

SK Telecom, the largest wireless provider in South Korea, announced Wednesday that it has successfully demonstrated the world’s first intercontinental 5G trial network using federated network slicing technology in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson.

This technology makes it possible for an operator to provide a network service globally, making sure consumers do not need individual agreements with different operators for a seamless user experience when using 5G-based services such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications in host countries, the Korean company said.

In the past, costly equipment were separately required and adjusted to individual conditions in different host countries to realize a home country network for 5G-based services like connected car and IoT applications.

The demonstration was hosted at Deutsche Telekom’s corporate R&D center in Bonn, Germany and SK Telecom’s 5G Test bed at Yeongjong-do in Korea on Tuesday. During the operation of the network, demo participants in other countries were able to control an AR robot to fix aircraft parts remotely without any delay of signals, according to the Korean company.

SK Telecom plans to propose the technology as a standard for 5G networking to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international body for mobile communications industry collaboration.

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