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KITA Big-Buyer Club Online Business Meeting on Export with with ICT Companies
2020-05-07 hit 416
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2020-05-07 ICT 온라인 화상상담회-1.jpg
2020-05-07 ICT 온라인 화상상담회-4.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) hosted “Online Video Export Conference with Big Buyers in ICT” on May 7th at COEX in Samsung-dong.

This event was organized for the purpose of helping enterprises scheduled to participate in the WIS 2020, which is postponed due to COVID-19, with their export marketing. 20 domestic SMEs and 10 big buyers including Indonesia’s largest telecommunication provider Telcom Indonesia, Sianyu Perkasa that operates 158 stores across Indonesia, Beijing Sino Technology that provides network solutions to the top 3 telecommunication companies in China, and Kazakhstani smart home service provider Intel House joined the event.

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