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Final Round of Showcase for Selecting “Brand K” Products
2020-04-29 hit 601
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2020-04-29 브랜드K 선정 100인 품평회-25.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups hosted the final round of showcase on April 29th at COEX in Samsung-dong for the merchandise selection of National Joint Brand “Brand K” from SME products, where they finalized 80 products for its Season 2 merchandise.

“Brand K” is the national joint brand project intended to help those SMEs that experience difficulties in establishing domestic/overseas sales due to low brand recognition despite outstanding technology and quality of their products. 39 products were selected for its Season 1 in September 2019.

The final 165 nominee enterprises and 100 judges including KITA Chairman Kim Young-ju, Minister Park Young-sun of MSS, Youtuber Daedoseogwan, entertainer Cho Woo-jong, and singer Sean attended the event. 

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