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Launching of the “B2B Matchmaking Conference between Specialized Trade Company & Manufacturer 2020”
2020-02-07 hit 634
2020-02-07 2020년 제1회 전문무역상사 제조기업 매칭 상담회-1.jpg
2020-02-07 2020년 제1회 전문무역상사 제조기업 매칭 상담회-6.jpg
2020-02-07 2020년 제1회 전문무역상사 제조기업 매칭 상담회-9.jpg
2020-02-07 2020년 제1회 전문무역상사 제조기업 매칭 상담회-7.jpg
2020 The 1st Specialized Trade Company - Manufacturer Matching Conference  

Novel Corona Virus Epidemic Control Guidelines

- Entry will be denied without a mask.

- A mask must be worn at all times including during conference and waiting time.

- Participants are asked to refrain from making physical contacts including handshakes.

- All participants recent overseas travel history including to China will be asked.

- The entire venue (the 51st floor) will be sterilized.

- A thermal-imaging camera will be placed at the entrance of the venue.

- Air purifiers and hand sanitizers will be placed throughout the venue.

- KITA infirmary will be operated under the emergency system.  

Trade Industry Conference: Responding to the Novel Corona Virus
The 125th Trader of the Month Award Ceremony
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