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Inauguration Ceremony of the Advisory Council for On-ground Exporters
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The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman Kim Young-ju) hosted Inauguration Ceremony of the Advisory Council for On-ground Exporters  ” on February 3rd at the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong. 

73 council members from across the country are all experts who have export know-hows and overseas marketing experience in major general trading companies such as Samsung, LG, Daewoo, and SK as well as medium-sized and large-sized corporations for over 30 years. They are to give proactive solutions to difficulties that could arise in the entire export process including overseas market research, marketing, buyer searches, customs, contracts and payment. 

KITA’s Executive Director Shin Seung-gwan stated at the ceremony, “Multiple changes are pressing in order to fortify our export competitiveness, which is very susceptible to changes happening in the international trade environment.” He also added, “The council members, geared with expert export knowledge, will provide close support so that our corporates can lead pioneering the overseas markets.”

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