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Startup & Medium-Size Business CSG Networking Day
2019-05-10 hit 196
2019-05-10 스타트업-중견기업 CSG 네트워킹 데이-2.jpg
2019-05-10 스타트업-중견기업 CSG 네트워킹 데이-7.jpg
2019-05-10 스타트업-중견기업 CSG 네트워킹 데이-9.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Young-Ju Kim) hosted “Startup & Medium-Size Export Enterprise Mentoring” on May 10th at the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong to promote innovative co-development of domestic startups and medium-sized enterprises in export. 

A number of CEOs from medium-sized export enterprises including Chairman Hye-Rin Park of Omni System, Jae-Sun Kwak of KG Group, CEO Dong-Ki Yang of Smile Gate, CEO Hyo-Min Song of HM International, and Ki-Dae Lee of Startup Alliance attended the conference and advised CEOs of six startups that participated in the conference (Bomapp, 6gram, Lycle, Visual Camp, Ssenstone, and Genoplan) on business management and other topics. They especially focused on challenges that startups often face such as market exploitation, investment attraction, merchandise production, management troubles.



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