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Opening Ceremony of Export Revitalization Situation Office
2019-02-27 수출활력 상황실 개소식-3.jpg
2019-02-27 수출활력 상황실 개소식-2.jpg
2019-02-27 수출활력 상황실 개소식-7.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Young-Ju Kim) opened “Export Revitalization Situation Office” on February 27th at the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong with SBC, KOTRA, Export-Import Bank of Korea, and Korea Trade Insurance Corporation and agreed to work together to resolve problems that domestic export companies experience such as overseas marketing and trade finance.



Photo from left: Hyung-Soo Kim (Global Growth Center Director of SBC), Tae-Sung Park (Trade Investment Manager at MOTIE), In-Ho Lee (CEO of KTIC), Young-Ju Kim (Chairman of KITA), Pyung-Oh Kwon (CEO of KOTRA), Sung-Soo Eun (Director of Export-Import Bank of Korea), Moon-Hwan Kim (Overseas Market Policy Officer of MSS), Dong-Ki Lee (Innovative Growth Center Director of KITA)



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