• Thailand, the world’s second largest manufacturer of bioplastics…
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    Thailand, the worlds second largest manufacturer of bioplastics

    Following close behind the U.S.


    Thailand, the worlds second largest manufacturer of bioplastics

    “Following close behind the U.S.”


    Abundant in raw materials such as sugar cane and cassava...

    “Greatly expanding production volume”


    Thailand, the world’s second largest producer of bioplastics, is expanding its production volume to aim for the number one position.


    On March 7, according to “The Nation”, a local news source, government spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri revealed that Thailand’s current bioplastics production capability was 95,000 tonnes a year, which was second in the world after the U.S. of 150,000 tonnes, quoting data from the Thailand Bioplastic Industry Association of the previous day.


    Spokesperson Anucha said that Thailand is following close behind the United States, with plans to soon increase production volume up to as much as 170,000 tonnes a year.


    Unlike petroleum-based plastics that are non-degradable, bioplastics are environmentally-friendly and are biodegradable.


    They are becoming the focus of attention as a solution for the harmfulness of existing plastics and other environmental pollution-related problems, and their market size is expanding rapidly.


    Thailand is abundant in crops such as sugar cane and cassava, which are used as major raw materials, and thus has an advantage for bioplastics production.


    Among the bioplastics currently being produced in Thailand, 90% is being exported while the rest are used domestically.


    Since Covid-19, the Thai government adopted the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model as the national agenda for green growth, and is actively supporting environmentally-friendly industries.


    At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in November of last year in Bangkok, Thailand adopted the Bangkok Goals based on the BCG model, and is pursuing sustainable growth as the national task/project.


    This May, Thailand plans on holding an international exhibition of plastic and rubber materials focused on sustainability, such as bioplastics, in Bangkok.


    (Bangkok ? Yonhap News)

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