• [Open Bid Invitation] Mobile Plan/Carrier
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    [Open Bid Invitation] Mobile Plan/Carrier

    1. Description: Business Mobile Plan/Carrier (Qty: 100)

    2. Qualification

     Business that registered for the Embassy’s open bid following the procedures set out below and that meets basic qualifications (*Decree Article 12)

    □ Business holding an official and valid Business License in District of Columbia, VA or MD

    □ Business not related to any of these statuses: liquidation, M&A, disposal, legal composition, court receivership, and/or any types of legal disputes


    3. Registration Due:  Jan 19th  2022 Wednesday to Jan 27th 2022 Thursday 11:59 p.m. (EST)

    - Email the required documents below to

    □ Registration form (Attached [Form1]) Registration form (Attached [Form2]

    □ Valid business license (1 Copy)

    □ Brief portfolio (Company information of past performances and current references)

    □ Contract/Proposal (with service plans, details and schedules)


    4. Bidding Result: To be informed individually after February 2nd 2022 Wednesday, by 11:59 p.m, via email or call


    5. Bidding Decisions:

    □ We take the open competitive bidding method. Only bidders which submitted proposal estimate lower than EIR will be reviewed, and after the review the most qualified bidder will be awarded with the project. (Comprehensive factors, including EIR, size of the company, past performances, etc will be considered during review)


    6. Expected Amount Range: Under USD 78,000.00 (USD 6,500.00 per month)


    7. Contract Schedule:

          □ Contract Signing: Within 3 days from the result announcement

           ※ If the successful bidder does NOT wish to continue the contract, it is required that the bid deposit (5% of the EIR, waived at registration) be paid to the Embassy (*Decree Article 37, 38).

          □ Contract Period: Mid of February, 2022 ~ Mid of February , 2024 (2 year)


    8. Bidding Invalidation:

          □ Applicants that do not meet the stated qualifications will not be considered for this bid.

           □ Applications with insufficient, forged and counterfeit documents will not be considered (*Decree Article76).


    9. Others:

    □ All bidders are obliged to be fully aware of information specified in bid invitation. The Korean Embassy is not held responsible for any issues arising from misinterpretation by bidder.

    □ The Korean Embassy promotes transparency and fairness in contracts (*Decree Article5-2), and a successful bidder must sign ‘Pledge to Implement Integrity Pact’ and ‘Confidentiality Agreement’.

    □ The Korean Embassy may request bidding deposit, contract deposit and/or security deposit for defect repair according to the *Decree Article 37, 50, 62.

    □ Any difference of interpretation would follow the interpretation of the Embassy.


    , or 202-939-5600 (Forms can be found at

    * Enforcement Decree of the Act on Contracts to Which the State Is A Party (Korea)


    10. Inquiry:, or 202-939-5600



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