• BRAND K: Online B2B Meeting
    2021-05-31 hit 969

     BRAND K: Online B2B Meeting

    Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups jointly hosted “BRAND K: Online B2B Meeting” at COEX in Samseong-dong on May 11th. Brand K refers to a government-certified label of consumer products from SMEs that boasts of innovative technology. Chairman Koo of KITA, Minister Kwon Chil-seung of SMEs and Startups, President Kim Hakdo of the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, and Representative Jung Jinsu of Small & Medium Business Distribution Center attended the opening ceremony. At the Fair, they discussed how to better support the Korean exporters, listened to leaders of e-commerce, representatives from companies with Brand K labels, small business owners, and newly-found companies who talked about the challenges confronting the community.


    Chairman Koo said, “As a businessman myself, I am well-aware of how dedicated our businesspeople are,” and added, “we are committed to representing the trade community and listening to their voices.”


    Ninety-six companies with either Brand K label or currently competing for the title in the 3rd Brand K Competition participated in online business meetings that took place the same day. Fifty buyers from eleven countries such as Japan, Malaysia, the U.S, UAE, and India joined virtually as well (prominent buyers like Shanghai Yingdong Trading, a Chinese distributor; KMK Trading, the largest Vietnamese distributor for Korean food; and Apparel Group, a UAE cosmetics distributor to name a few).


    Two hundred-one products short-listed for the 3rd Brand K Competition underwent interview and review process by a team of thirty-five judges. The final result will be announced during the week, and the awardees will be marketed online and offline by social media influencers.


    Kim Hyun-chul, the head of the Global Marketing Group at KITA, stated, “The goal of today’s event is to provide overseas marketing resources for our SMEs, who are facing difficulty amidst COVID-19. We also aimed to provide a platform for dialogue between the government and the sector,” and added, “KITA remains committed to representing the voice of the trade community to introduce better export policies and to assist marketing for Korean companies.”

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