• KITA Held “Webinar: Korea-France Responses to COVID-19”
    2020-07-09 hit 2109

    KITA Held Webinar: Korea-France Responses to COVID-19

    -  Shared the two countries’ COVID-19 experiences and responses  -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) held Webinar: Korea-France Responses to COVID-19in cooperation with  MEDEF International on July 8th

    Shin Hak-cheol, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at LG Chem, who is head of the Korea-France Business Council, Stephane Israel, Chairman of MEDEF International, Thomas Courbe, Director General for Enterprises at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance and Jung Kyu-chul, a fellow at the Korea Development Institute (KDI) participated in the event as speakers and discussed economic and industrial trends in both countries and countermeasures of the governments and corporate.


    Chairman Stephane Israel said, South Korea has been recognized as the model for controlling the spread of COVID-19 with its government’s proactive preventive quarantine measures and the citizens’ active participation in social distancing, and added, I hope we can share the experiences of the two countries during the webinar today and find a smart.

    Jung Kyu-chul, a fellow at KDI, said, Korea's economic growth rate will be the highest among the developed countries, but also mentioned, Due to its heavy dependency on external economies, Korea is expected to be affected by the global economic situation.


    Cho Bit-na, head of Eurasia Branch of the Korea International Trade Association, said, We will continue to make efforts to ensure that friendly relations and economic exchanges between the two countries will not be discouraged by COVID-19.

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