• KITA Held “Big Buyer Export Video Conference”
    2020-03-11 hit 1252

    KITA Held Big Buyer Export Video Conference

    - It will take place every two weeks until COVID-19 outbreak calms downfree interpretation service and shipping costs for product samples will be supported -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-ju) held 'The 1st KITA Online Video Conference with Big Buyer Club at the KITA Business Center at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on March 11th.


    This video consultation meeting is a series of events that will be held bi-weekly. It will take place indefinitely until the spread of coronavirus significantly slows down and offline marketing businesses such as exhibitions at home and abroad and consultation meetings are back to normal.


    In this first conference, five big buyers, including Shenzhen TSL of Vanguard, China's largest distribution group, the subsidiary of Aeon Group in Malaysia, Japan’s second largest distribution company, Dimarco Mitra Utama, Indonesia’s home shopping and online mall operator, and Rainbow Department Store, China’s 7th largest department store as well as 23rd biggest distributor, participated and carried out video consultation meetings with twenty Korean consumer goods and food exporters for eight hours. 


    Li Zhimin, vice president of Shenzhen TSL, said, "Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies, including our company, have banned traveling and promoted working from home, therefore, we have been suffered from sourcing products. This video conference took place timely and we were delighted to participate in.


    The Korea International Trade Association provides free interpretation service to the participating companies, and also covers shipping costs for sample products in order to compensate for the fact that video consultation does not allow buyers to view or experience the products in person.


    Kim Hyun-chul, head of Global Marketing Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, Following the KITA Online Video Conference with Big Buyer Club, we are also working on the video conference with manufacturing companies in connection with 306 specialized trading firms, frequent online non face-to-face matching service for overseas buyers and so on. 


    KITA Big Buyer Club is an overseas big buyer network which has been run by the Korea International Trade Association since 2011. It is composed of the buyers with high recognition and large distribution network by country and region. Currently, 77 companies, including 26 Chinese companies, 16 European companies, 14 companies from ASEAN, 11 companies from Southwest Asia and the Middle East, 6 companies from Americas, 3 Japanese companies, and 1 Korean company are registered as members.

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