• KITA Held '2019 China Link in Shanghai' in China
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    KITA Held '2019 China Link in Shanghai' in China


    - Cooperated with Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center matched Korean startups with

    Chiness investors -


    The Korea International Trade Association (chairman, Kim Young-joo) and the Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center announced that they held the '2019 China Link in Shanghai' program, which provides the matching service between Korean startups and Chinese investors, in Shanghai for six days from April 24th.

    The Korea International Trade Association selected ten domestic startup companies with high possibilities to succeed as ‘China membership’ earlier this month, and has provided one-on-one mentoring service to expand into the Chinese market in consideration of the characteristics of the companies and the areas that they want to advance into. From 24th, the organization went to Shanghai with the selected companies and carried out presentations to introduce the companies and held one-on-one consultation sessions by visiting accelerators such as Tencent Startup Center, NEOPLY China and Shanghai University, investors, and retailers. In addition, they met Lee Seung-jin, CEO of a startup Garosu that has made inroads into the Chinese market, and were informed of the local atmosphere and know-how about the Online-to-offline commerce (O2O) distribution ecosystem. 

    Jung Yoon-ji, an assistant manager at Xcell Therapeutics, the startup that develops the stem cell culture medium, participated in this event, said, "We have systematically prepared to enter into China through the Korea International Trade Association’s mentoring service." She also mentioned, Thanks to the service, we were able to do discuss the possibilities to cooperate in various angles." Yoon Tae-shik, the director at SketchOn Inc., a company that develops skin tattoo printers, expressed hope by saying, "We will challenge to develop sales channels to overseas and scale-up through the cooperation with the Chinese companies such as Tencent.” 

    Mr. Mark Lee, the head of Tencent Startup Center, said, "I am surprised by the outstanding technology and passion of Korean startups and will continue to discuss with them to make successful cooperation projects."

    The Korea International Trade Association and Incheon Creative Ecomony Innovation Center is planning to provide intensive supports for ‘2019 China Membership’ companies, including one-on-one in-depth mentoring, matching with the network in China, and entering into the Chinese market.

    Cho Sang-hyun, head of the startup global center at KITA, said, It is the role of KITA to find suitable partners in overseas regions where the startups want to enter into and to provide business opportunities. He stressed, We will continue to support the globalization of Korean startup businesses by networking with overseas companies and investors as well as developing joint projects with them. 

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