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  • KITA Held ‘Talk Concert’ for Startups Global Expansion

    KITA Held ‘Talk Concert’ for Startups Global Expansion


    - Networking between different industries, such as startups and exporters, shared know-how to make inroads into overseas -


    The Korea International Trade Association (chairman, Kim Young-joo) held 'Start Up Date Networking Forum' in cooperation with Korea Startup Forum at COEX in Samseong-dong, on June 21.


    At the forum, the Korea International Trade Association introduced overseas startups and the trends in new technologies in order to strengthen global business competitiveness of Korean startups in their early stages. The organization also provided a networking opportunity and more than 50 officials from startups and export companies attended the event.


    Lee Won-jae, CEO of Yosuma Group Korea, the Israeli Venture Capital, carried out a talk concert and presented as a speaker to share its know-how with the startup businesses regarding the startups’ entry into other countries and Investor Relations (IR) under the theme of ‘Beginning Global, Success Story of Israel Venture Ecosystem.’


    The CEO analyzed, "Despite the fact that the global investment is declining, the investment in Israeli companies is increasing. It is because of the direct technology investment such as mergers and acquisitions (M & A) by multinational corporations and the well-established ecosystem, including venture capital.” He stressed, "Korea needs to also overcome its passive investment environment and create an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem that enables startups to grow into global companies."




    Ahn Geun-bae, head of the Trade Policy Support Department at the Korea International Trade Association, said, “We expect to boost networking activities between different industries and create new business models as traders with overseas expansion experiences and startup businesses gather in one place.” He also added, “We will actively support Korean startups to grow into global players by strengthening convergence and consensus, the core concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


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