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  • KITA Held 'Korea-Russia Business Forum’ in Moscow

    KITA Held 'Korea-Russia Business Forum’ in Moscow


    -     Discussed cooperation measures in logistics, energy and cutting-edge industries between the two countries upon Peace Era of the Korean Peninsula-



    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) will hold a 'Korea-Russia Business Forum' in cooperation with the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, Russia on June 22 (local time).


    At the forum, which will be held under the theme of 'Peace Era of the Korean Peninsula and Prosperity of Eurasia', businessmen from both countries will look for practical cooperation measures such as strengthening partnership in manufacturing and high-tech industries, railway linkage and energy development.


    In this forum, not only the ministers of economic agencies, including Kim Dong-yeon, the Minister of Strategy and Finance and a Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea, Baek Woon-kyu, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, but also song Young-gil, head of the Northern Economic Cooperation Committee will accompany and stress the importance of the economic cooperation between South Korea and Russia as well as the trilateral cooperation among the South, the North and Russia.


    The economic delegation consists of 208 people from 101 companies, including chairman Kim Young-joo of the Korea International Trade Association, vice-chairman Yoon Boo-geun of Samsung Electronics, president Jung Jin-heng of Hyundai Motor, vice-chairman Cho Sung-min of LG Electronics and chairman Goo Ja-yeol of LS Group and SK Innovation, GS Global and Hanhwa will participate. The presidents of KEPCO and Korea Railroad Corporation, and KOGAS are also attending and will be discussing the linkage of railroads between the South, the North and Russia and electric power and gas cooperation projects.


    From Russia, federal energy companies and 130 business people and who are willing to have trade with Korea and invest in Korea, including Sergey Katyrin, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Leonid Mikhelson, chairman of management board of NOVATEK, Pavel Livinsky, LIVINSKY, chairman of the Management Board and Director General of PJSC Rosseti and Alexei Rakhmanov, president of United Shipbuilding Corporation of Russia will participate in the event.



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