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  • KITA Held 1:1 Consultation Meeting with Malaysian Purchase Delegation

    KITA Held 1:1 Consultation Meeting with Malaysian Purchase Delegation


    The Korea International Trade Association hosted one on one consultation meetings at COEX on March 3, Friday, by inviting a purchase delegation consisting of 37 members of the Malaysia wholesalers' association (Head: Chairman Dato' Lim Seng Kok of Malaysia Wholesalers Association). 37 companies from Malaysia and 160 small and medium-sized Korean export companies participated in the meeting, consultations on a variety of items such as fashion, beauty products, medicinal products, home and kitchen goods, food and beverage, and gifts were carried out.


    Based on purchasing power, Malaysia is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia and is spotlighted as a testing bed for the middle class market in Southeast Asia as well as emerging halal market. Since Hallyu trend is already popular among young generation in Malaysia, the local Malaysians are familiar with Korean cosmetics, food and beverage, healthcare products, and so forth. Reflecting this phenomenon, Malaysia is the third largest nation who visits Korea among ASEAN countries. Recently, the Malaysian government has announced its 11th Economic Development Plan (MP), which focuses on infrastructure and manpower development, and it is expected that the country will have many business opportunities with Korean companies.


    Kim Geuk-soo, head of head of KITA’s International Affairs Group, said Based on the results of this meeting, we are planning to regularly organize events such as dispatching market pioneers and inviting buyers, and continue to cooperate with each other.


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