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  • KITA Held Cosmetics Overseas Certification Seminar

    KITA Held Cosmetics Overseas Certification Seminar


    - It is necessary to thoroughly identify local regulations in each region to sustain export growth -




    In order to strengthen export competitiveness of Korea’s cosmetics, it has been pointed out that it is essential to thoroughly identify overseas certifications and to preemptively respond to each export region.


    The Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) jointly held a seminar titled ‘The Latest Trends of Overseas Cosmetics Certification and Countermeasures’ on October 27, Friday, at the Trade Tower, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul with a view to promoting overseas penetration of Korean cosmetics and effectively respond to local regulations.


    Some 150 small and medium-sized exporters in cosmetics sector participated in the seminar. In the seminar, the experts analyzed the market changes in China after the THAAD issue broke out and discussed countermeasures to deal with regulatory issues in the emerging Southeast Asian markets as well as European markets, home of cosmetic industry.


    The seminar focused on sharing the latest trends of major certification system in cosmetics industry such as cosmetics registration system in each major export destination like China, Europe, Eurasia, Vietnam etc., clinical test of and enterprise support system, and COSMOS(Cosmetics Organic and Natural Standard) certification system for natural organic cosmetics and developing the strategies for each company to acquire certifications.


    In particular, it was pointed out that in the case of European Union, teeth whitening agents and tooth cleaners are classified as cosmetics and related regulations are applied and the standard is different from that of Korea. Therefore, it is more difficult to approach the market as it is required to designate a responsible person in the local market.


    Kim Hak-joon, head of Member Support Department at KITA, pointed out "The growth rate of cosmetics exports has reached an average of 33 percent over the last five years and it rapidly grew exceeding 38 percent in 2016. However, the growth in exports slowed down to 19.8 percent in the first half of this year." He added "We hope that this seminar will provide an opportunity to review the latest information on cosmetics certification system in each region of the world, and to develop a detailed strategy to enhance Korean cosmetics’ export competitiveness."


    On the other hand, an official from KTR said, "We are providing one-stop service throughout the entire cycle to strengthen the competitiveness of Korean cosmetics industry and help the companies advance into overseas. We will continue to directly support Korean cosmetics companies to make inroads into overseas by carrying out the Global TBT project in cooperation with the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. 

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