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  • 1,000 E-letters Delight Morning of Traders

    1,000 E-letters Delight Morning of Traders


    - To mark the 1,000th edition of the trade information newsletter ‘Good Morning KITA’, its content and design are reformed, for example, to strengthen CEO newsletter, etc. - 


    A, who is an export novice in the cosmetics industry, learned 'Good Morning KITA' while struggling to make inroads into the overseas. Thanks to Good Morning KITA's various market research information and trends of the industry, A was able to succeed in the first export. B, who is a college student majoring trade, obtained much information from Good Morning KITA when B first started trade study. B has become more interest in trade particularly through trade webcomics and real trade cases. B said, "I am growing my dream of becoming a trade expert by subscribing to Good Morning KITA every day."


    1000th edition of Good Morning KITA, a trade information newsletter published by the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho), was released on Monday, June 12. Good Morning KITA was launched to provide the latest key information to busy traders. It was first published on May 22, 2013 and has become the e-newsletter to be delivered to more than 100,000 traders every morning.


    Upon the publication of 1000th issue, Good Morning KITA will provide the contents on new growth industries, including ICT / IoT, e-commerce, and Korean Wave industry on each day of week and reform the layout design to improve readability. On the other hand, KITA will also strengthen the 'CEO newsletter', in which the content will be selected and separated to meet the CEO's expectations. Every Wednesday, core information that is needed for CEOs, such as government policies and government support projects, will be selected and delivered to the CEOs. 


    You can subscribe the reformed Good Morning KITA mailing service via free of charge. You can also participate in writing congratulatory comments and the promotion events via social media.   


    Cho Hak-hee, the head of e-Biz services group at KITA, said Through the entire reform of the Good Morning KITA, we will strengthen the meaning of delivering the latest trade information directly to the traders and it will be a small stepping stone to promote Korean trading companies’ active exports. 

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