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  • Be Properly Prepared for Changing Chinese Market


    Be Properly Prepared for Changing Chinese Market

    - KITA held ‘Seminar on Let’s Have Proper Knowledge on Exporting to China and local tour group consultation’ -



    Recently, there is an increasing need for fast respond to the changes in the Chinese market resulting from the issues such as boosting domestic demand, attracting large-scale investment, and environmental regulations. The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) brings together experts from a variety of fields, including contracts, certifications, and intellectual property rights in order to share the latest information with the exporters to China and introduce trade strategies how to approach the Chinese market.


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held the seminar on ‘Let’s Have Proper Knowledge on Exporting to China’ at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on June 8, to help the exporters who are interested in exporting to China.


    During the seminar, there were case-based lectures on collection of export earnings and countermeasure against contract failure, major certification and acquisition procedures in China such as CCC and CFDA, things to note when signing export contracts with China, such as intellectual property rights and marketing trends in China. After the lectures, one on one consultation session with the specialists of free trade agreements, intellectual property rights, certification, trade insurance, etc.


    Kim Jung-kwan, vice chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said "Recently, China is strengthening the examination of import customs clearance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to avoid unnecessary trade conflicts or regulations. He also stressed It is important to be aware of the relevant regulations and laws as well as how to deal with collection of export earnings and contract failure.


    On the other hand, KITA’s China Desk, which supports small and medium-sized companies’ exports and market development in China, will carry out ‘Customized Group Consultation for Exporters to China’ touring 10 regions around the country. With a view to stimulating local exporters’ entry into the Chinese market, customs, certification and legal experts will travel across the country and conduct small-scale group consultations.

    During the local tour group consultation, there will be guidance for how to approach the Chinese market such as countermeasures against contract failure of the Chinese party and the Korea-China free trade agreement along with advanced consultation with specialists of each field in the FTA, certification and intellectual property rights. You can apply for the consultation via the website of the 10 regional offices of the Korea International Trade Association where the consultation will take place or by calling.


    Lee Chang-sun, head of China Desk at KITA said This year marks the third year since the Korea-China FTA was in effect. We will support more companies to be able to make inroads into China utilizing the free trade agreement." He also added We hope that Chinese exporters who are recently experiencing the difficulties will be able to knock on the door of the Chinese market by utilizing the professional workforce for exports to China who are dispatched to the local China desks in 13 cities and provinces nationwide.


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