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  • 2017 Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show on February 23-26

    2017 Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show on February 23-26

    - Korea’s largest sports leisure goods exhibition, IT convergence trends at a glance -


    ‘2017 Seoul International Sports and Leisure Industry Show (SPOEX 2017), Korea’s largest sports leisure total goods exhibition, will take place at COEX, Seoul, for four days from February 23rd (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday). 


    The 17th SPOEX, jointly held by the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (Chairman, Lee Chang-seup), will provide a good opportunity to get a glimpse of the cutting edge trends in the sports and leisure industry, which incorporates IT technology. 


    150 overseas distributors of sports and leisure goods from 23 countries (200 people) including Japan’s Xebio, India’s HyperCITY and Taiwan’s Sunstar Sports will participate in this show and have consultation meetings with Korean companies for purchases. 


    SPOEX 2017 is a large-scale exhibition in which 434 domestic and foreign companies participate with 1,628 booths. The show will consist of three halls, including hall A (camper cars, water sports goods), hall B (bike, outdoor goods), hall C (health, fitness and sports products). The number of entries for camper cars, water sports equipments, and outdoor goods increased significantly compared to the last year. 


    An officer from KITA analyzed It is prominent that participating companies of this year will launch the products with advanced performance and functionality by applying IT technology and new materials. 


    WIAWIS, a specialized producer of bows and bikes, is introducing a new bike with the frame made from graphene, ‘a dream nano material’. Also, Raon Global, a bike helmet maker, will present a foldable helmet which folds to six centimeters (cm) in thickness so that it is easy to carry and safe.  


    Taeha Mechatronics, a manufacturer of aerobic fitness equipment, is introducing a product that enables the use of the Internet and virtual training with its installed Android system on products such as treadmills and bikes. Lexco, which mainly produces PT Shop (Personal Training Shop) equipments, will exhibit a two-way muscular strengthening exercise equipment aiming at the silver generation. It features a 12-inch touch screen for measuring muscle strength and adjusting the amount of exercise. In addition, a variety of products such as EMS (electric muscle stimulation therapy) sports goods, smart wearable fitness goods, smart phone interlock products, etc. will demonstrate the recent trends of sophisticated sports industry through the convergence with IT.

    For general visitors, a drone soccer game and a sports VR (Virtual Reality) special hall will be held for the first time in Korea. The drone soccer game is a public game in which 5 football-shaped drones, developed by the fusion of carbon material and drone technology, work as a team and a tea scores when they enter the opponent team's goal. The companies who are sponsored by the regional convergence project of the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation's. Five companies including domestic companies and Germany’s ICAROS will take part in the Sports VR Special Pavilion. It is expected that the visitors will be able to realize the future of sports and leisure industry boosted by the converged technologies by experiencing sports such as archery, table tennis, soccer, viking and roller coaster through virtual reality.

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